Cryospot™ Cryogenic Systems

Photon Spot offers a number of cryogenic systems that can be further tailored for your experimental purposes.  Our cryogenic systems:

  • require no prior cryogenic experience to operate,
  • are closed-cycle, meaning they do not consume liquid cryogens for operation,
  • can be configured with one of our sorption fridges to enable < 0.8K operation, and
  • have a very compact form-factor, yet provide a sample space that is sufficient for most low-temperature experiments.

Our cryostats are perfectly suited for superconducting detectors, such as superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors, and cryogenic electronics including resonators and RF/microwave mixers.  Their fast cooldown times also make them perfect for "rapid" component testing, and critical current/temperature measurements.

Cryospot 4

The Cryospot 4 is our most versatile cryogenic system. The Cryospot 4 is designed to accept GM cryocoolers of a variety of sizes (up to 1W @ 4.2K), and is ideal when vibrations are not an issue. The Cryospot 4 can support up to 16 detector channels, and can be extended to support 32 channels.

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Cryospot 4M

The Cryospot 4M is our entry-level cryogenic system and is also the most compact. Due to its size, the Cryospot 4M can only be configured with a 0.1W/0.2W GM cryocooler. The Cryospot 4M can support up to 4 detector channels, and can be extended to support 16 channels.

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Cryospot 4LV

The Cryospot 4LV is our low-vibration cryogenic system and comes equipped with either a 0.25W or 0.5W pulse-tube cooler.

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Cryospot 3 (discontinued; by special order only)

The Cryospot™ 3 is our cryogenic system with the largest sample space. The Cryospot 3 is designed to fit GM or pulse-tube cryocoolers, air- or water-cooled compressors, and a rack of supporting electronics in its frame.

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Feature Comparison Matrix

Compare the Cryospot systems and find out the best system for your application.

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0.8K Sorption Fridges

Each Cryospot system can be ordered with a 0.8K Helium sorption fridge. Our sorption fridges typically hit a base temperature between 0.7K -0.8K. Our patent-pending technology behind the sorption fridge enables fast cooldowns, rapid cycle times, and a stable temperature.


Freeze4™ 0.8K "Single-Shot" Sorption Fridge

The Freeze4 helium sorption fridge enables operation at 0.8K and below at the touch of a button for a hold-time of 12 hours, 24 hours or 36+ hours, depending on the model.

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Freeze4-XT Continuous Sorption Fridge

The Freeze4-XT enables continuous operation at sub-Kelvin temperatures.

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Software & Options

FreezeControl Software

The FreezeControl™ software application allows automated operation of our Cryospot systems. Each of our systems comes standard this software, with free updates as new features are added.

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Vacuum & Remote Control Package

This option is recommended for users who wish to operate the cryostat from a remote location, or for users with limited or no prior cryogenics experience. We provide an oil-free roughing/turbo vacuum pumping system, vacuum gauge, and control electronics for remote on/off of the helium compressor, vacuum pump, and vacuum valve. All components are monitored and controlled via the FreezeControl software.