Feature Comparison Matrix


  Cryospot 4M Cryospot 4 Cryospot 4LV
Compatible cryocooler Gifford-McMahon Gifford-McMahon Pulse tube

2nd stage capacity @ 4.2K

0.1W or 0.2W

0.1W, 0.2W, 0.5W, or 1W

0.25W or 0.5W

Characteristic Compact Versatile Low vibration
Compressor type air- or water-cooled

air- or water-cooled

air- or water-cooled for 0.25W,

water-cooled for 0.5W

Operating voltage

(all ± 5%)

110V-1ø or 208/230V-1ø

110V-1ø or 208/230V-1ø or 208V-3ø (depending on cryocooler capacity)

208/230V-1ø for 0.25W,

208V-3ø for 0.5W

Cryostat outer diameter 6"  [152.4 mm]
Base temperature @ 2nd stage ~ 2.7 K

Base temperature with sorption fridge

< 0.8 K
Feedthrough ports (KF40) 4 8 8
Number of detector channels 1-4; extendable to 16 1-16; extendable to 32 1-16; extendable to 32