Cryospot 3 (Discontinued; by special order only)

The Cryospot 3 is our larger, full-featured cryogenic system.  The Cryospot 3 is designed to fit GM or pulse-tube cryocoolers, air- or water-cooled compressors, and a rack of supporting electronics in its frame. Add the Sorption Fridge upgrade for all-day performance at 0.8K.

Standard features:

  • Large 10" OD cryostat for larger customer assemblies
  • Large 40K (8.75" OD) and 4K (8" OD) cold plates
  • Flexibility to fit either a Gifford-McMahon cryocooler (up to 1W) or Pulse-Tube cryocooler (up to 1W) (specified at time of order)
  • Customizable mounting hole pattern
  • Easy to dismantle (1-person, 15-20 minutes, no crane/winch required)
  • Enclosure with built-in 19" rack to house cryostat, compressor and electronics in one package
  • Pneumatically actuated vacuum valve
  • Temperature controller with touch-screen interface
  • 110V, 220V, or 3-phase 208V, Air- or water-cooled He compressor (depending on cryocooler, specify at time of order)
  • Approx. total dimensions (WxLxH): 24" x 44" x 55"

Sorption Fridge add-on:

Available options:

  • Vibration isolation assembly
  • Fiber optic, RF air/vacuum feedthroughs
  • Oil-free vacuum pump and gauge
  • Cryogenic nanopositioners

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