Cryospot 4

The Cryospot 4 is our most versatile cryogenic system. It can be equipped with any GM cryocooler in the 0.1W - 1W capacity range, and has eight input/output ports. This system is ideal when vibrations from the GM cooler will not impact your experiment.  Available with 12h, 24h, or 36+ hour sorption fridge add-on for experiments at 0.8K.  This standard system can be configured to support up to 16 detector channels, and can be extended to 32 detector channels.

Standard features:

  • Compact 6" OD cryostat
  • Fits 0.1W - 1W @ 4.2 K Gifford-McMahon cryocooler
  • Typical base temperature: < 2.7 K
  • 8x KF40 ports.  7 available for user electrical/optical feedthroughs
  • Table-top stand with swiveling assembly. Can be affixed to optics bench.
  • Temperature controller with touch-screen interface
  • Air- or water-cooled Helium compressor, voltage dependent on choice of cryocooler
  • Approx. total dimensions for Cryospot with stand (WxLxH): 10.75" x 11" x 25.8" - 35" (depends on choice of cryocooler)
  • Compressor dimensions: depends on choice of cryocooler.

Sorption Fridge add-on:

Available options:

  • Vacuum pump & remote control option
  • Lossless fiber optic and RF feedthroughs/heatsinks
  • Cryogenic nanopositioners

Other resources:

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