Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs or SSPDs) are among the highest performing detectors in the visible and near-infrared frequency range. At Photon Spot, we work hard to continually improve our detector specifications. Our best detectors exhibit:

  • >85% system detection efficiency
  • Sub-100Hz dark counts
  • ~70 ps FWHM picosecond timing jitter
  • Recovery times of ~50 ns

We have demonstrated these specifications at many wavelengths, including 1550 nm, 1310 nm, 780nm, and 825nm.

We also manufacture customized detectors that can provide:

  • High efficiency at a user-specified wavelength from the UV to near-IR
  • Photon number resolution
  • Large areas for coupling to multi-mode fibers
  • Faster reset times of ~25 ns or less
  • Mid-Infrared sensitivity

We have made detectors for >10 wavelengths between the UV and mid-IR, and are have a broadband detector in production.  Email us with your specifications -- there is a chance that we have it in stock!

We hold exclusive licenses to many detector-related patented technologies, including multi-element nanowire detectors.

Our detectors are ideally suited to low photon-flux applications, such as:

Contact us today with your desired specifications.