Freeze4 0.8K "Single-Shot" Sorption Fridge

Our patent-pending Freeze4 helium sorption fridge provides base temperatures below 0.8K.  Its main features are:

  • fully closed-cycle: no consumption of liquid cryogens,
  • push-button operation
  • no moving parts
  • long hold times: 12, 24, 36, 48, 72+ hours possible for different capacity models
  • fast cycle time: ~ 1.5 hours (depends on cryocooler and user load)

The hold-time of the sorption fridge depends, in a large part, on the amount of helium stored inside.  We offer a few different sizes of sorption fridge.  The lower capacity fridges offer a faster cooldown (~11 hours from 300K to 0.8K) and faster cycling, while the larger capacity fridges offer the longest hold times (up to 67 hours has been demonstrated, see Fig 2 below).  We can also custom-build our fridges to meet your needs.

Fig. 1. Measured performance of a Freeze4 sorption fridge (12-hour) with no load applied on 4K or 40K stages.

Fig. 2. Performance of our longest hold-time sorption fridge to date.

Fig. 3. Daily auto-cycling of a sorption fridge enabled by our FreezeControl software.



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